Demo and Site Preparation

Transform Your Land with Luft & Sons: Your Leading Partner in Land Reclamation & Site Preparation

Is your land underutilized due to abandoned structures, challenging terrain, or other barriers impeding its potential? Don’t let these obstacles hold you back. At Luft & Sons, we specialize in demolition and site preparation, turning idle land into flourishing, highly productive spaces.

Our highly skilled team operates an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art heavy machinery, including large excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and side dump trailers. We are poised to handle any demolition project, regardless of its scale.

An excavator removing debris onto a flatbed trailer.

Boost Your Land Value with Expert Excavation Services

Unlock your property’s potential with our professional excavation services. Whether you aim to build, renovate, or simply enhance your land’s value, a strategic excavation project is often the foundation of your ambitions.

At Luft & Sons, we appreciate the pivotal role of this stage in any construction or landscaping venture. Our seasoned team uses the latest technology and adheres to stringent safety standards, ensuring your project’s smooth execution, timely completion, and adherence to budget.

Why Opt for Excavation Services?

Preparing for Construction

Excavation is pivotal in getting your land ready for any construction work, from foundation laying to swimming pool installation. Appropriate excavation leads to safer and more efficient building processes.

Increasing Property Value

A well-cared-for and expertly landscaped property can significantly enhance its market value. Prospective buyers frequently opt for properties that are primed for use.

Drainage and Erosion Control

Excavation helps contour your land for optimal water management, thus preventing soil erosion and potential water damage to structures.

Site Cleanup

Excavation services can clear unwanted debris, old structures, or subterranean utilities, making your land cleaner and safer.

Land excavation of old home or barn
Land excavation of old home or barn

Why Choose Luft and Sons?

  • Experienced Team: Our seasoned experts boast years of experience in land reclamation and site preparation, promising utmost efficiency and precision in every project.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a broad spectrum of services tailored to your needs, from the demolition of outdated structures to terrain leveling and obstacle removal.
  • Environmentally Conscious: We’re committed to minimizing our environmental footprint through sustainable practices, recycling materials when feasible, and adhering to all relevant regulations.
  • Competitive Pricing: We take pride in delivering exceptional services at fair, competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Success Stories:

Our track record is a testament to our expertise, with numerous farmers and landowners successfully optimizing their properties. Through our services, they have reclaimed and repurposed previously underutilized land, maximizing their productivity and profits. After all, why invest in more land when you can unleash the full potential of your current property?

Let’s Get Started:

Ready to metamorphose your land into a bustling, productive space? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our approachable and expert team will evaluate your property, discuss your objectives, and propose a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your land’s maximum productivity. Don’t delay – partner with Luft & Sons and witness your property bloom like never before!

Above aerial picture of a tiled farm land.




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We provide free consultations and land assessments.   With extensive experience & unique expertise, We can help you improve your land and increase your value and productivity. 



We provide free consultations and land assessments