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Luft and Sons Farm Drainage Inc. has over 75 years and 3 generations of experience.  We are certified, licensed, and insured for tiling, drainage, demo, site preparation, and landscaping.  With extensive experience and unique expertise, we can use our large excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and side dump trailers to help you with almost any project you have in mind.

Are you considering a major project on your land? Let us help.

Luft and Sons provide free consultations and land assessments to vastly improve your land and farm.

Are you considering tiling your land?  Consider the following:

Compare drainage tiling to putting herbicides or fertilizer on your field year after year…

How many people do you hear say:

“Well I get decent yields, so I can afford to use a little less fertilizer this year”…Or.. ”those corn bores and root worms die eventually, so let’s skip the herbicides for this year…”

You DON’T hear it because people know it pays to fertilize and use herbicides every year.

Here is the only difference between investing in herbicides & fertilizers versus pattern tiling:

Herbicide and fertilizer inputs are an expense EVERY year. Tiling is a 1-time investment for LIFE. It may cost more up front, but it PAYS year after year.

Skimping on your tiling is no different than saying, “I’m fine with 150 bushels…” when you could be getting 20-30 more bushels a year.

With 75 years of experience and extensive yield monitoring of before-and-after pattern tile drainage, we can now prove tiling can return your investment in under 5 years.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Is there anything else you know of that you can invest for a 15-20% return right now?  Why buy another farm when you can improve 5 farms and gain a farm in yields for 1/2 the price?

Contact Luft and Sons today for your free consultation and GPS land assessment!

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Let us know how we can help you!

We provide free consultations and land assessments.   With extensive experience & unique expertise, We can help you improve your land and increase your value and productivity. 



We provide free consultations and land assessments