Midwest Farm Drainage

When you look out over your flourishing fields, what you see above the surface reflects the care that lies beneath it. Subsurface drainage systems work tirelessly beneath your feet to ensure crops stay healthy. Each pipe carefully eliminates excess water while preserving the fragile moisture barrier your crops need. Reach out today for a free estimate from a trusted drainage professional.

What are the benefits of farm drainage and tiling?

  • Improved soil health: From disease to soil compaction, stagnant water breeds trouble. Agricultural drainage keeps water moving and takes these troubles with it. 
  • Increased yields: Plants grow best when provided with the right balance of water and air. Healthier fields equal a healthier bottom line for you. 
  • Better resilience: Drainage systems mitigate heavy rainfall by preventing field flooding and minimizing weather-related crop damage.
  • Erosion Prevention: Drainage systems help control soil erosion and preserve valuable topsoil. They prevent sediment runoff and contribute to environmental health.
  • Year-Round Access: Properly drained fields are accessible year-round. Reduce planting delays and ensure timely harvesting.
  • Long-Term Investment: A well-designed drainage system lasts for decades, providing long-term benefits and a solid return on investment.
Luft and Sons team in the field doing drainage and tiling for a client.


Our track record is a testament to our expertise. We’ve helped countless farmers and landowners successfully optimize their properties. Through our services, they’ve reclaimed and repurposed underutilized land, leading to maximized productivity and profits. 

Luft and Sons team in the field preparing for drainage and tiling service.