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There is a reason why land investors are buying ground and tiling it right away. That’s because they know and understand the ROI or Return on Investment and value of tiling the land they already own. It’s exceptionally more cost effective to increase yield within the field you own, especially when compared to buying more land with additional labor expenditure to gain more income.

Not that buying land is bad, investing in tiling is just working smarter.  Make your money work smarter with less labor. Check out this ROI calculator to calculate how quickly you can expect a Return on Investment:

This Drain Tile System ROI Calculator has been provided courtesy of Prinsco.

The Prinsco Profitability Analysis tool was developed with the University of Minnesota Extension to assist you in determining estimated financial benefits resulting from proper drainage.Enter your text here...

Your Return on Investment:

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Invest in a practice that allows you to plant earlier, improve plant root structure, reduce replanting, and greatly increase yields.




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We provide free consultations and land assessments