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We are your drainage and tiling experts. Invest in a practice that allows you to plant earlier, improve plant root structure, reduce replanting, and greatly increase yields.

Tiling and Drainage

Tiling is a one-time investment that improves the profitability of land you already own to pass on to your next generation. Tiling improves crop health thus increasing yields.

The Benefits of Drainage

Demolition & Site Prep

Do you have land you aren't using because of structures or other obstacles? We can help you with almost any demo project you have in mind.

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Septic & Leach Fields

At Luft and Sons, we're certified in septic systems and leach fields. We can help you with any of your septic needs.

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Luft and Sons has the Expertise

Let Us Handle Your Drainage, Demo, and Septic

Why Choose Us?

We Provide:

  • Services that Improve the Value of Land
  • Current 3D Technology and Mapping
  • Minimal Disruption to Your Operation
  • Increased Yields and Productivity
  • Projects Completed Quickly
  • Latest Equipment with GPS Technology

ROI Calculator

Want to know what your return on investment will be? Use our ROI calculator to see how quickly our services can return you increased productivity and income.

Benefits of Tiling & Drainage

Tiling allows you to improve the land you already own so you can plant earlier, increase plant productivity, reduce replants, and greatly increase yields. It will make your land more profitable & higher yielding for your next generation.

Make All Your Land Productive

Do you have land that could be more productive if obstacles were removed or ground was re-structured? With our large Excavators, Backhoes, Bulldozers and Side Dump Trailers we can help you with any demo project you have in mind.

Best Decision We Have Ever Made


“Hiring Luft & Sons Farm Drainage was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. We hired them to pattern tile out some of our wet holes and soggy side hills. The following year we were in working/planting those spots the same day as the rest of the field when we would normally… read more

-Travis Shimon, Plover IA
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Luft and Sons Can Help You Improve Your Farm and Land

Luft and Sons Farm Drainage Inc. has over 75 years of experience and is certified, licensed, and insured. We have extensive experience in tiling, drainage, demo, site preparation, landscaping, and septic.

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