Field tiling is the valuable agricultural practice of installing a pipe network beneath a field to improve water infiltration and drainage. This technique provides several benefits, including increased crop yields and an optimized ROI.

ROI, or return on investment, is a metric that measures a farm’s success. A high ROI is the goal of any business and indicates a good profit margin. Agriculture has high upfront costs—accounting for land purchases, equipment maintenance, and seed and fertilizer inputs.

Calculating your ROI lets you know if your returns justify your start-up costs. Start by using our free ROI calculator to determine the ROI of your farm. Do you have a plan in place to improve that number? Luft and Sons can help. Keep reading to learn how farm tiling improves your profit margins.

Arial View of Field Tiling & Drainage

How Does Field Tiling Maximize My ROI?

Field tiling’s ability to alter water infiltration and drainage has two main effects on land:

  1. Improved soil structure
  2. Increased agricultural productivity

These aspects of drainage and tiling lead to a higher ROI.

Improved Soil Structure

Field tiling improves soil structure by ensuring water moves efficiently throughout a portion of land. A field needs proper water infiltration into the soil and drainage that removes the excess. 

Appropriate moisture levels are necessary for the success of any farm. Excess water leads to various problems, including waterlogging, soil compaction, and soil erosion. A drainage specialist can install a system to keep overwatered soil at bay.

Increased Agricultural Productivity

Improved soil conditions help crops thrive. Optimal soil conditions increase root growth and nutrient uptake, which leads to higher crop yields. The removal of excess water can widen a field’s planting window. Farmers can plant crops earlier in the season; this provides an opportunity to grow multiple crops in the same field in a single year. These favorable conditions maximize crop yields and optimize ROI.

Improved Durability

Field tiling improves the durability of your land and helps weatherproof your farm. Removing excess water prevents the loss of valuable nutrients through runoff. Runoff prevention allows your field to maintain a healthy topsoil layer and helps keep farmland durable over time. Improved drainage prevents waterlogged soil during rainy periods, and water infiltration supports land during dry spells. Field tiling also fortifies your field with resistance to weather-related wear and tear. These optimal field conditions ensure a profitable ROI—even during bouts of inclement weather.

Increased Property Value

If nothing else, field tiling offers a competitive edge in the commercial property market. The resale value of your farm can affect your ROI substantially. Farm tiling is attractive for potential buyers, as it presents numerous prepaid, long-term benefits. It is especially appealing to buyers who support sustainable farming practices.

The drainage and tiling experts at Luft and Sons are always willing to lend a hand. Contact us for a free consultation and land assessment by our field tiling contractors.