Midwest Agricultural Water Management

Gazing across your thriving agricultural lands, the bounty visible above ground is a testament to the nurturing happening underground. Below the soil, drainage solutions are constantly at work to maintain crop vitality. These meticulously laid pipes remove surplus water, all the while safeguarding the delicate moisture levels essential for your plants. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation with a reliable water management expert.

Luft and Sons team in the field preparing for drainage and tiling service.

Advantages of Agricultural Drainage and Tiling:

  • Enhanced Soil Condition: Stagnant water can lead to issues like soil compaction and diseases. By facilitating the continuous flow of water, farm drainage systems alleviate these concerns.
  • Boosted Crop Production: Optimal growth occurs when crops receive a perfect mix of air and moisture. Improved field conditions translate to a more robust profit margin for farmers.
  • Increased Crop Survival: Efficient drainage systems are crucial in managing heavy rainfalls, preventing the inundation of fields, and reducing the impact of adverse weather on crops.
  • Soil Erosion Control: These systems are key in managing soil erosion, preserving precious topsoil, and preventing the runoff of sediments, thus supporting the ecosystem’s health.
  • Accessibility Throughout the Year: With proper drainage, fields remain accessible all year, minimizing delays in planting and ensuring harvests are conducted on schedule.
  • A Worthwhile Investment: Investing in a proficiently engineered drainage system pays off in the long run, offering decades of benefits and a substantial return on investment.


Farm Drainage and Tiling arial view by Luft and Sons.